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Ricerche (Research) is at the same time a broad but precise title: the selected works are the result of technical and formal solutions found along different paths in the vast territory of experimentation. Small paintings on paper, in the entrance and in the rooms for private meetings; canvases, even in large format, in the office and in the conference room, all untitled in order to not influence the observer with impossible suggestions. It goes without saying that my field of action is the abstractionism, known as a negation of representation, an idiosyncratic answer to the question that always wants to find something recognizable in what is seen. Color and matter have their emotional implications that vary from person to person: although it is always there, the work communicates different things to each of us. For this reason, even the most gestural effect of a spatulate of color, a sketch or a drip, no longer have the introspective, or symbolically primordial sense of man that is measured by creation, but are a (culturally) codified way of making painting. So are the geometric textures, the straight lines juxtaposed, the flat backgrounds, the broken shapes. And I’m talking about painting - with the promise not to give suggestions as already mentioned - to say that with these paintings made in different ways, you indicate many  different possibilities to understand the making of painting.